How to develop ULLL programmes: From  the needs analysis to the design
Dialogue between research and practice

Barcelona, Thursday 06 - Friday 07 November 2014

The 2014 EUCEN autumn seminar (in collaboration with RUEPEP) adresses the process of creation of ULLL programmes, with a particular focus on the phases of "Needs Analysis" and "Design of ULLL programmes".

Guided by facilitators, experts on this field, participants will challenge their practice with the results of research and construct together innovative solutions.

What can you expect from this Seminar?

  • Exchange of good practices in the phase of defining “who is the programme meant for” and “which are the concrete needs of the identified audience”
  • Challenges and methodology in the phases of Analysing the needs and Designing the programme for a specific audience
  • Meaning of LLL for individual learners. The concrete consequences for the designers and planners of LLL programmes
  • Integration of the future transfer of the acquired capabilities of the learners into their work
  • Development of programs for emerging professions and career transition
  • Research-based programmes

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