Call for Poster Abstracts

The organizers of the 2014 eucen Autumn Seminar invite all interested participants and Seminar attendees to consider presenting a poster.

The 2014 eucen Autumn Seminar will bring together a wide range of high level workshop leaders, presenters and professionals of the University Lifelong Learning (ULLL) field in a two-day interactive seminar. Participants can bring any of their work, case studies or analyses related to:

  • Bottom-up approach for designing of ULLL programmes
  • Needs Analysis - parties involved
  • Dialogue between Researchers and Practitioners: how that affects the offer of programmes?
  • Methodologies and approaches to design of programmes

There will be a separate space for Posters in the exhibition area. Also, a Certificate as "Poster Presenter" will be given at the end of the Seminar for those participating.  

To request your poster presentation, please, use the form available and send it back to by 24 October 2014.

You can also discuss with the conceptors of this Seminar, make suggestions or send your comments to: or